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Finally Back home……
It’s been a while!

Just a couple of days ago, I got back from my wonderful vacation.
No computer, no cell phone and no camera hehe…. just enjoying the simplicity of life.
That to me is a dream vacation. I had chance to read a lot of
interesting books and finished my next tests (sports nutrition) that I
took with me. Before sleeping every night ,I went on a beautiful walk
with my mom and my parent’s dogs…through the amazing natural
surroundings. I really admired how green and beautiful nature is in
Europe …. and the familiar smells I experienced growing up in
Europe…..hmmm ..I just simply love it. My parents live by a stream in a
little village and the sound of the water before I fall asleep and when
waking up is just soooo soothing and relaxing.

And here is a nice pic of the stream my parents live by.
Love the peaceful sound of it.

It’s amazing how much beauty mother nature gives us when we are open to take it all in.

Sunset…the sun is shining on the forest and it’s creating a goldfish color even thogh the trees are green.
Simply magical……
I’m really blessed to be able to have had such wonderful vacation.
But as always, it is good to be back to my normal routine that I love. I
already squeezed in my first workout after not doing anything in Europe
except the walks at night with my mom.
I’m super sore right now and to be honest, I’m straggling thru my
workouts ….but motivated again to hit it hard and have fun with it.
Enough about me …..what’s new with you?
I hope your summer is great. Did you do anything special?
You can let me know leave a comment if you would like

Visiting church where were able to go all the way to up to the tower to see a wonderful view.
The stairs were so tinny it was so scary but we all made it:). My parents and my younger sis they all were sooo much fun.
It was all worth it all the stairs…

Very Happy Till next time

sara aadv.15
sara adv.
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