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It’s Week 7
I’m Getting closer and closer….
Like I mentioned last week, at this point I’m working with more intensity and adding a little more cardio. My diet is almost the same…..
Also I’m starting to practice posing.

Friday evening I met Olympia winner and current champion of the Arnold Classic Sonia Gonzales to help me with my posing routine.
We had a great time. She is so beautiful, she has an amazing smile was very professional. I was admiring her healthy, glowing radiant skin.
It really shows that proper nutrition, drinking lots of water exercising and sleeping 7-8 hours can make one so radiant, healthy and fresh looking.
Sonia really inspired me with the way she moves so gracefully and elegantly.
I had to ask her if she ever did Ballet and SHE DID. I really got inspired to add much more stretching to my prep. A while ago I did ballet because I always have admired the feminity and the way the body can move. Now I can practice it again.
First I warm up and do my cardio (30min) first in the morning and when my body is nice and warm I stretch about for 20- 30 minutes and then I practice my posing. I prefer to do weight traning later in the day after I’m properly fueled hah!
I saw Sonia competing once at a Pro Show in Torrance and that’s the first thing I noticed, how elegantly and gracefully she moves.
I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such an amazing athlete and a beautiful role model.
Thank you Sonia for your time. I want to wish you all the best in the future and have a great time preparing for Olympia 2012!
Also, thank you guys for following my journey. I love your support and I feel that together we can do this!Smile
Until next time….Take care of your body, soul, and be happy!
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