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My Experience at the NPC Nationals in Atlanta

The competition last weekend went well. I really had a good time!
I feel accomplished! I learn a lot each time I compete and I’m getting even more familiar with all of it.
compeition, I feel more comfortable on stage. I remember my first show,
the NPC Excaliber, and how my whole body and lips shook when I smiled.
It was imposible to hold it when I was on stage performing. This time, I
wanted to enjoy the whole experience. I wanted to be present.
that hard work and dedication I put into this…while juggling my daily
responsibilities, family, work, and staying focus on my prep was really
challenging. Doing all the best I could every day was the only

learned one thing, if you want something YOU have to do it, no one
else will do it for you. Not even the best coach can help if you’re not
100% commited. They will give you tools but the rest it all up you.

This time I choose to do my own make up.
I prefer a more natural look. I think I did a good job.Smile
Since I have done so many photoshoots and I always do my own make up, I learned as I went…Natural works better for me.
I really liked my tan color this time as well.
I know….. for people who don’t compete, the fake spray tan will always
be over the top, but on the stage with all the lighting, we would
disappear… haha
Also, the dark color helps with enhancing the definition of the muscles.
My favorite part of competing is meeting new people and making new friends.
Connecting with the world… that’s what is it all about anyway, right?!

I’m excited to bring a better package for next competition. I know what I have to work on.
It’s exciting to have goals and go after it, and each day see myself getting closer and closer.

You guys too! Go after your goals!
by step - and enjoy the journey. Have a faith and don’t give up…
because sometimes you might be closer to reaching your goals then you
might think. Patience and staying focused, even if you’re distracted
with the challenges of every day life is the key.
It’s nice to have a
room for improvement and always grow into a better person, share your
happiness with others, and help them on their journey towards what ever
goal they might have.
…And if you fail, get up and keep moving forward. That’s how you build strength.
Every day is a new opportunity. If you didn’t win today it doesn’t mean you won’t win next time!

Time to enjoy some dessert and a nice steak!Smile

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