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Hello guys!
Hope all is well with you!
I’m here with the last update before my contest.
First I must admit that I’m a bit nervous already.
The whole journey is challenging, educational, and fun at the same time.
Talk about practicing self control hah!I spiced things up with some of great stuff to up my energy levels with natural things that Mother Nature offers to !To bring my energy level up, I started to juice veggies. I have always been drinking vitaminemineral powdered greens but there is nothing like fresh vegetable juice. I also enjoy cooking talapia or chicken vegetable soup. Veggies have a lot of enzymes ,minerals and they also might help your body ph levels and increase your energy as well. The more energy you have the easier it is to get through the day. Being vital and vibrant is attractive

In this pic I’m preparing my veggies for juicing
(cilantro, dandelion collard mustard greens and ginger. I usually add a cucumber, celery and lime). The best is to have a vareity of different kind of vegetable. For sweetness you can add carrots or green apple.

I start my day with warm lemon water. I also took my second cup of coffee out because I felt little jittery so I replaced it with a green tea or matcha (green tea powder). I know green tea has still caffeine but not as much as cup of coffee.

I also drink dandelion (my fave) and ginger tea.
To spice it up even more, I drink 1 glass of a lemon water with a pinch of cayenne pepper during the day.
It’s all about the little things that can make a difference. This is little bit of my holistic fitness….that might also enhance the metabolisms. It works for me….
Perhaps you will like to try some of this ……if you do keep me posted.

Oh Almost forgot…. I made a decision that after this competition, I will go to the Europe and spend some time with my family instead competing in another competition. Lets see where this one will take me. I miss my family terribly! I can’t take it anymore. My family is amazing and if I would miss this summer I probably would not see them for another year. And I can’t let that happen. Family is very important to me:).
If you would ask me when I’m the happiest, I would say when my love ones are next to me and we are enjoying each other’s company. That’s my happiness.
There is nothing more that can make my heart warmer.
Life is great when you have people you love around you. Don’t you think?

As always thank you guys for reading my blog and I will talk to you very soon……

Lots of love and don’t forget to keep it simple!

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sara adv.
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